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Hear the Sound of Blood

Hear the sound of blood, rising from the ground
Voices lifting up: “why was I poured out?”
When will vengeance come? Violence fills the streets
And martyrs cry “How long till judgement is decreed?”

Wait a little longer, patiently endure
Till the saints are numbered, till the wine is poured
He who treads the winepress, drank its bitter the cup
Oh, He is qualified as, universal judge

He’s sharpening His sword, He’s bending back His bow
The Day of the Lord, has long been foretold (oh, oh)
And everyone will drink, Jesus’ bitter cup
Be careful if You think, You’re better than God’s Son

See Him on the cross, naked as He bleeds
Drinking every drop, of the wrath for you and me
Worship Him with reverence, fall on bended knee
Oh, follow with repentance, or fall beneath His feet