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When Will I Be Home?

Children of light and strangers here
Dark is the night ‘till our hope appears
Groaning until we see that day,
And while we’re here, we feel this pain

When will my spirit no longer groan?
When will I know You as I’ve been known?
When will I see You and be like You?
Oh, when will I be home?

Longing by faith for a city to come
Eagerly waiting and still pressing on
With works of faith, expressed in love
Until the day, we meet above

When will I walk on the street of gold
With a brand-new body that won’t grow old
When will the old things pass away
No mourning, crying, curse or pain
When will I finally understand
The wisdom and wonder in all Your plans
When will the heaven and earth be new
With all things subject unto You

When will I see, will I see Your face
Will I know Your sweet, incredible grace
When will I gaze on the one who died
With tears of amazement filling my eyes 
When will You reach out and wipe those tears
And dwell with us through the endless years
When will we struggle no more with sin
And death shall die and Christ shall win!

Then my spirit will never groan
Then I will know You as I’ve been known
Then I will see You and be like You
Oh, then I will be home